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刷流量时要注意ip流量、pv流量的不同Brush traffic rank difference from IP and PV





另外可以针对各种主流浏览器进行优化,虽然有点难,但这个所得到的回报绝对值得!ip flow is in the number of 24 hours the only access to ip, your ip has not changedaccess to the same site also does not accumulate more than the ip, because of thischaracteristic, making the change ip to access the site to increase the ip flowintobrush ip flow of an idea is to find ways to get more ip, here is the Eight Immortals, have done their best by a large number of broiler or transmission of the virus software, software continue to visit the specified site, thus forming a natural flowthis flow looks very real, because the ip distribution reasonable access random,but one thing is the residence time and access the page may not be so natural, thismainly depends on the level of software designers.

pv flow is page views, visitors to visit plus one brush ip, because it only needs tocontinue to browse page solved, also can increase the depth or breadth randomwebsite, the simulation of human behavior can be a.

More than two kinds of flow distinction is obvious, statistical control, it may add some statistical limitations because of their own for technical reasons or otherreasons, such as pv have an access interval, if not reached, the pv plus one equals.

Brush flow according to their own resources and to complete the goal adjustment, for example, you have a lot of cafes, then you brush pv more smoothly if you have alot of client software, then brush the ip and pv are more smoothly, but also look at thecustomer’s requirements.

The other can be optimized for all major browsers, although a bit difficult, but thisreturn is definitely worth!