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会议管理系统meeting management system


一、 基础数据
a) 管理客户
i. 增、删、改客户资料
b) 管理会议
i. 增、删、改会议记录
c) 条码范围设置
i. 设置条码范围及打印格式设置
二、 管理会议
a) 报名参加会议
i. 客户参加会议登记,填入客户资料及拍照
b) 会议签到发卡
i. 客户到达现场通过发放感应卡,并与报名对应,没有报名不能参加会议。
c) 进场验卡
i. 客户进场,验证卡号。
三、 统计查询
a) 报名和签到统计
i. 以图表格式显示统计结果
b) 签到和进场统计
i. 以图示格式直观显示统计情况
四、 系统功能
a) 关闭当前窗体
i. 关闭当前打开的窗体
b) 清空历史数据
i. 清空历史记录
c) 退出
i. 退出本系统


In the conference room of a lot of company,Usually conference room reservation needed by artificial management,Easy to cause confusion,This meeting management software is to achieve the requirements of writing.

This system record registration and comes into play material, through the automatic identification card meeting personnel, let the meeting staff feel the enterprise the first-class service level!
Features list:
A, basic data
A) management customers
I. add, delete, changes customer data
B) management conference
I. add, delete, change the meeting record
C) bar code scope Settings
I. bar code scope and print format set set
Second, management conference
A) signed up to take part in the meeting
I. the customer to the meeting registration, fill in the customer data and take photos
B) the meeting sign in hairpin
I. the customer at the scene through the issuing induction CARDS, and the corresponding with registration, no registration can’t attend the meeting.
C) approach check card
I. the customer comes into play, verify the card number.
Three, statistical inquiries
A) sign up and sign in statistics
I. to chart statistical results show format
B) sign in and statistical approach
I. to the format visual display statistics
Four, system function
A) shut down the current form
I. shut down the current open form
B) to empty historical data
I. empty history
C) exit
I. withdrawal from the system

This software has been achieved in meeting the requirements of the system, still can increase support conference room reservation/booking management, because of the existing functionality is to meet customer needs, so does not add this part of the function.
Conference room reservation system products seem less, but the market or some
Because the software is too interested now break, so did not provide meeting management system download link, if you really need please contact me.