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pv浏览量_什么是pv_淘宝刷浏览量pv Views _ What is pv_ Taobao brush Views

pv浏览量,即通常说的Page View(页面浏览数),是指用户每打开一个网站页面就被记录1次,用户多次打开同一页面,浏览量值累计。

以上几种方法是我自己整理的提高pv浏览量办法,当然八仙过海,各人都可以找自己的方法,例如直接联系我购买流量,哈哈。pv views, usually said Page View (page views), refers to each user to open a Web pagewas recorded 1, the user repeatedly open the same page, browse money accumulated.

Understand what is pv? That you open the browser constantly refresh a page, somestatistics that will continue to increase page views, why some of it?

Some of the various statistical difference of the browser interval is counted, for example,five minutes to browse numerous times, also 1 page views.

Improve pv Views There are many ways, the following simple sort:

A. a website that promotes the use of formal methods to improve website traffic, the speed of this process to look at the customer’s financial and material resources.

B. writing brush pv Views software, its principle is to constantly refresh the same pagethrough a proxy server to achieve the purpose of increasing pv Views. As long as theagent is more than enough to brush every day hundreds of thousands the pv Views is not a problem.

C. by a large number of computers, installation of Trojan horse or virus refreshautomatically in the background. This method is very subtle, but also realize the millions of daily page views and even grounds. But the need for technical clearance, know how to use the loopholes to make the virus continued spread, and not be anti-virus software toget rid of.

D. Adoption of Telecom, Unicom and other network service providers in the routingembedded in the page address or the iframe, this method has been used, such as myhome broadband ad code before browsing the web, but you generally can not see, because it in the http header or tail forcibly inserted, the page is not displayed, is thisQJ?

D. sugar daddy, and qq, msn, etc. There are a lot of basic user company promotion, thisrequires a lot of Money.

This method can be pv views of tens of millions of difficulty relationship between the families.

The above method is my own finishing to improve pv Views, of course, the Eight Immortals, everyone can find their own methods, such as direct contact with me to buytraffic, ha ha.

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