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alexa刷排名案例alexa brush ranking case











Us alexa brush ranking case, customers have been ranked 5,000 want to brush to 2,000, then 1,000 to enter the We have to look at the basis of the natural flow of the site itself every month tens of millions of ip, tens of millions of pv flow, the basic condition is good. In alexa rankings aspects, this site are thousands, so the brush into the 2,000 should be no problem, if the site ranked in the

10000 Outside, then brush to 2,000 can easily be alexa considered cheating. Brush alexa ranking at the same time enhance the website the basis of traffic, such as ip, pv, uv, so look website Data is synchronized to enhance the natural fact, as long as properly controlled, wish to 1,000 the following difficulty is not too much, If you enter an order of magnitude less than 1,000 is difficult, Need more traffic data and server support, but not too much to do 1,000 customers, sometimes daring, can not for a few customers on the purchase of ultra-multi-server Idle where more than a waste of A! Ranked the same day to reach 2,000 in about one weeks time, then wait about a month ranking reached overall rankings on the need to wait for three months, this data is based on 3 month ranking data Weighted average of the ranking curve as follows: alexa刷排名案例之一

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