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I thought that making an Alexa rank query would be very easy, but I didn’t expect to meet a lot of problems in wordpress, among which the.htaccess document wasted the most time.I would add one line of turning code when making the php file before, but now I can enter directly without necessity to add the code! (Is there any safety problem? I can only avoid it by doing backup regularly). Another problem is that the using the default template is apt to adjust the model, but I use the third-party template different from the default template, so I have to spend another ten minutes. Through this, I have got the new knowledge to the structure of LAMP and wordpress, and I hope I can make more alexa ranking tools in the future, so as to create more valuable things for myself and people. :)I made it finally, but I still don’t know how to put it at the top of the homepage, so I’ll put it here for turning, haha! It has already been near 1 o’clock, so it’s time for rest now.