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必需将网站注册到Alexa才能有alexa排名吗?must register my site to get Alexa rank?








另外需要说明的是, Alexa的目录结构是从DMOZ( 复制过来的,所以你想出现在alexa目录结构里面,就需要到dmoz注册网站并通过审核(有点难度)

如果在dmoz注册网站,那么你网站的权重会相应得到提高,尤其是google,它对这个dmoz 给予较高的权重。


There is no need to register your site for Alexa to report traffic statistics for it. We report on all sites for which we have the data. We get our data from our own sources, primarily from our Alexa Toolbar users. Based on that, we are able to create a comprehensive big-picture view of the web as a whole. If we have data on your site from our users, we will report it. If not, we will display a notation of “No data,” which means that in the last three months, none of our users visited your site.

If you wish, you can verify and claim your site on Alexa using our Self-service tools (, which will enable you to update your site’s contact information at your convenience and to post site owner’s responses to Reviews left for your site. Claiming a site does NOT affect Traffic Rank or other statistics in any way.

If you would like your site included in Alexa’s Directory, you should have it included in the Open Directory, Our Directory is a modified copy of theirs, and updates there will be reflected at Alexa, too. Many other sites use the Open Directory, too, so including your site there is a good idea in general.


In dmoz registered website, then your website the right weight corresponding improved, especially google, It the dmoz give higher weight.