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通过网页刷alexa排名Write web pages approve alexa ranking





    var oInterval = "";

    function fnStartInterval() {

        oInterval = window.setInterval("fnRecycle()", 3000);


    function fnRecycle() {

        document.location.href = "?";






Brush Alexa ranking has a lot to tell you about a web page the brush alexa rankingapproach, if the traffic is better or understanding of the high-traffic site webmastersfriends, this approach can be free to improve alexa ranking.

The first to write a simple Web page, which contains a timer, the timer refresh this page,or open you want to brush alexa ranking website, so you can make browsing to help you brush your alexa ranking. Can judge whether the browser install the alexa toolbar bycreate alexa com object, if unsuccessful, the customer does not install the alexa toolbar, you can pop up the download to allow customers to install.

Js code to refresh the page similar to the following format, the meaning of the code is torefresh themselves once every three seconds, the time can be changed to random, you can use iframe to wrap, to be a hidden refresh, or the iframe js dynamically generated, sosearch engine does not recognize (currently, but google has begun to analyze js)


    var oInterval = "";

    function fnStartInterval () {

        oInterval = window.setInterval ("fnRecycle ()", 3000);


    function fnRecycle () {

        document.location.href = "?";


    fnStartInterval ();

</ script>

Brush alexa ranking page is written, according to their own needs in one place, may bethat multiple turn pages or embedded into the page the iframe inside, so to improvealexa ranking effect mainly depends on the traffic and customers to install the alexa toolbar if more advanced virus-like way to install a client plug-in, then. . .

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