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alexa数据预估流量太不准确了alexa data estimate the flow rate is too inaccurate










他又说要ip流量什么的,真浪费时间阿,都不知道自己要什么来滴,阿米陀佛!Some customers do not understand exactly what data, for example, met one up some time ago told me that,

For the alexa data flow ip traffic is forecast to increase to 10 million,

I said in the alexa official website did not estimate the flow, and other statistical sites is expected to flow out through their own specific algorithm.

Comprehensive inquiry on the station will show the site such as love alexa world rankings and forecast traffic, this is its own estimate of


I can improve alexa ranking, but can not modify someone else’s algorithm A, and then I find a few own the station compare and found no

Its data what proportion of the class, may introduce the variable, it is not a simple comparison of out

But can confirm that, alexa rank higher the greater it calculates the estimated flow. Then I thought that in turn should be relatively the same,

I find the site of an estimated flow of about 100 000 to see if it’s alexa ranking, this ranking offer to give him

He also said to be the ip flow what really a waste of time, O do not know what they want to drop, Ami Tuo Buddha!

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