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Alexa排名是全球领先的网站排名分析器Alexa rank is the leading website ranking analyzer in the world








imageIt cannot be denied that Alexa rank is the leading website ranking analyzer in the world, and although a few countries have their own local website ranking sites, alexa rank is still the most famous and reliable in the whole world. What’s more, alexa rank owns the basic flow data of the website and it can conduct the deeper statistical analysis, so it is also the very practical website ranking analyzer, from which we can see where the website flow to come and go.

These figures can all help us to analyze our competitors, and we can even take advantage of the global ranking figure to carry out the second marketing. If you know the contact information of 500 globally top enterprises, can you search for anything or do you want to get anything from here? They are all your potential customers!!

The information era means digging out the valuable figures from the existing figures through the accumulation for many years, so as to predict the data flow direction, the favorites of people and the fashion!

We need to not only accumulate the figures but also understand the significance behind the figures, which is just the more surplus value squeezed out from this alexa rank.


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