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alexa排名和网站价值alexa ranking and website value

alexa排名是一个网站价值的反映,例如google, youtube,baidu等都在alexa排名占据前几名,google还是第一名呢!价值越大的网站它的排名也会越高,所以网站投资者都看这个数据,它直观反映了你的网站在所有网站中的排名,在所有类别中的排名,在某个地区的排名。



imagealexa ranking is a reflection of the value of a website such as google, youtube, baiduand so occupy the top few in the alexa ranking, google, or the first! The website of the greater value of its rank will be higher, so the website investors look at this data, which directly reflect the ranking of your site in all sites in the rankings in all categories, ranked in a region.

On a global scale at this stage, only alexa ranking in order to provide these data,countries began to have their own websites ranking statistics platform, such as theChinese Internet assistance“中国网站排名”。Their goal is to provide a basic platform for all site lists come from different aspects,different levels, different categories of ranking, in order to identify the users often to see the real value of the site.

Truth in rank and wealth standings, elite is the same, we all need a ranking, it proves that the meaning of our existence, from primary school onwards, this idea has been formed in each test inside, inside of each entrance examination. the top surface isalways the fame, came in the final nobody cares, and society is so realistic!Webmasters are trying very hard to improve alexa ranking, think of ways to optimizethe alexa ranking process is ignored, results-oriented!


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