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为什么我网站流量增加,alexa排名反而降低?Why is my web site traffic increase alexa rank but lower?

生活上也有这种情况,明明自己已经很努力,埋头若干了几年,感觉已经提高了一个阶段,但回头看看身边的朋友,才发现自己又落后了,有些沮丧。这时候我们要清楚的认识到,生命是一个不断追赶的过程,只要努力追赶才能获取更大的满足,这就是积极的生活态度,struggle for life!Sometimes the traffic (ip / pv / uv) improved, but the alexa ranking but lower, this isbecause any ranking system to compare the other sites rank the outcome of any domain name so that it will your web site and other sites in the worldcompare theobtained rankings, so ranked in the dynamic changes than your high traffic website inincreasing your site relative to their already behind, so the traffic increase alexa rankreduced.As long as you stick to the site well, and improve the user experience, and constantly promote the useful service to the user, will rise sooner or later come back.
Their daily lives, such a situation, obviously he has worked very hard, concentratingseveral a few years, I feel has a stage, but look back at her friends, only to find their own behind, and some frustration. This time we should recognize that life is a continuous process of catch-up efforts to catch up in order to obtain greater satisfaction, which is a positive attitude towards life, struggle for life!

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