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为什么我的网站排名在alexa.com没有区域排名?Why is my site’s ranking on absence of a regional ranking?

如果一个网站在alexa没有显示区域排名和按国家分组的排名,这说明alexa没有足够的数据去分析网站在各个国家的排名 image



所以这里得出一个优化alexa排名的办法,在一些推广成本便宜的地方专门提高alexa排名,这样用相同的费用达到更好的效果。If a site does not show in alexa regional ranking and the ranking of the country groupings, indicating that alexa does not have enough data to analyze the site in Each country’s ranking image

To have a clear understanding of the mind, alexa ranking data collected from theglobal, not an area to do a separate data collection
Regional ranking is extracted from the global ranking data, only when enough datato be able to extract the regional (national) ranking

Alexa toolbar installation when the user traffic of a certain region (eg China)(dependent on) accounted for most of the traffic proportion, then we may separatedisplay your site in the region (China) alexa ranking, alexa does not restrict your sitelocation must be consistent with the user’s location. If you are unable to extract thevarious regions of the regional rankings, may be because they have many users donot install the alexa toolbar or in these areas
The flow is much smaller than in other regions can not be figured out.

So here come to an optimization of the way alexa ranking, specifically to improvealexa ranking in a number of promotional costs for a cheap place, so to achieve better results with the same cost.

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